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February 13, 2014 at 4:05pm
Tomorrow is Sant Valetine's day!
Couples and love! Or friends and love for them, or love for ourselves! :D Selfie day!!!

But what's the perfect outfit for a date this day?
Of course , most of you are thinking in red dress. Easy and safe gamble. Incredible tight dress with high heel shoes in black or nude color.
We want to offer for your BJD another love approach:

Stylish, cute, fancy look. Feminine style.

  1. Black or navy dresses with dots, cuores or small cute shapes in white.
    This is my first option for a date. Last last days I saw a really cute dresses of @Turbow in Etsy. Without any  doubt these are the perfect example of the dress which my mind was imagining few time ago.
    Please click here to saw them: https://img0.etsystatic.com/032/1/8289104/il_570xN.563181278_9hlz.jpg

    Simple shape, cute horse fabric, romantic collar, more cute with that socks and elegance with these shoes.Or  another model in dot of AizawaRei: https://img1.etsystatic.com/031/0/6378930/il_570xN.561518189_ozoc.jpgIt's a dress that you can found easily in bjd stores:
  1. Sunnyworld: http://www.swdoll.com/images/girldress/YQFD0124.jpg

    Dollmore: http://www.dollmore.com/shopimages/dollmore/095008004006.jpg
    (In my opinion Dollmore's dress has a extremely neckline. I reject this dress for voluptuous breast dolls. We  are searching for a lovely look, not get eyes focused on the chest ^^u)
  2.  Lace
    Perfect for sexy girls with sensual curves.
    You can choose betwen: laced dress or laced t-shirt with tight  pants, or jeans. Of course don't forget shoes high heels or flat in this option because the dolls looks gorgeous and we don't need bright more and more. If they use high heel shoes could be look wild and hard looked girl.  Always we need to break up with hard lines using accesories or lowering the level.

    without cross collar
    without cross collar
    Also available for romantic look in straight lines:
    BJDMinicouture: https://img0.etsystatic.com/039/0/7203816/il_570xN.560412428_1w6m.jpg
    Wimukt: https://img0.etsystatic.com/003/0/5519106/il_570xN.373906132_nq1v.jpg

  3.  Velvet
    Softly fabric! It look romantic and elegant, suggestive and give an social status to our girl. Therefore, it's perfect for serious, sensitive, polite and quiet girls.  I can imagine them in a restaurant under candle lights.
    But, if your girls likes be stronger and sexy look you can play to combine this fabric and accesories to get your best choice.
    PamSdminicostuming: https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/6123726/il_570xN.322891215.jpg

  4. Lolita dress
    Many options for choose. I like the ones with candies or sweet desserts as print fabric.

  5. As Cute as you are
    I mean, we can't spend money for a outfit's day and we can get the perfect look mixing clothes that already we have. Girls are cute everyday with tle lovely clothes you choose for them :)
    A trick for they look cute: Simple shirt or sweater and skirt or pants you have.

Don't forget get a perfect cute look with accesories. I recommend a cute handbag and thin belt or hairband. :)

*******************HAVE A  SWEET VALENTINE ***********************

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